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Tax consultation

  • We will arrange an online meeting with UAE tax experts and prepare a written report for you based on the consultation.

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Company tax registration with the government authority

  • Submitting documents to the tax authority to assign taxpayer status and a TRN number.

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Selection of an audit firm

  • Upon your request, we will select a qualified auditing firm for you and provide support throughout your engagement with them.

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Registration of powers of attorney

  • Execution of a general power of attorney or for a specific task or transaction

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Ordering certificates and extracts from government agencies of the UAE

  • If you require specific statements or certificates, we can order them on your behalf upon receiving the appropriate authorization from you.

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Document legalization in the UAE

  • We are able to facilitate the legalization of documents for various countries around the globe and can deliver them to you via courier service upon request.

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We understand that opening a business in another country raises a multitude of questions. Our team is ready to assist you in this matter and offer a specialized service.

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Online consultations and support for current issues via WhatsApp or Telegram

  • Ongoing communication and brief consultations on additional questions

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Real estate purchase assistance

  • We can help you work with real estate agencies and provide you with a selection of pre-screened and researched options that best meet your needs.

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Registration of a purchase and sale transaction

  • Our lawyer can draft a purchase and sale agreement from scratch or review the seller's agreement.
  • We can also assist in negotiating with the seller and finalizing the transaction.

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Applying for a visa as a property owner

  • Documents preparation
  • Submitting visa applications
  • Interaction with local authorities
  • Accompanying during medical tests examination
  • Accompanying to Biometric Data Submission
  • Issuance of Resident Visa
  • Issuance of Emirates ID

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Frequently asked

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Are companies registered in free zones required to file reports?

Reporting requirements vary depending on the specific free zone, but in general, companies registered in free zones are not required to file any reports other than tax reports, if such reports are required based on the company’s annual turnover. Some free zones may require the submission of an annual audit report for license renewal. In any case, it is recommended to maintain internal accounting.

What taxes do companies registered in free zones pay?

When selling goods or services in the UAE’s domestic market (mainland) with a turnover of up to AED 375,000 per year, VAT is 0%. For a turnover exceeding AED 375,000 per year, VAT is 5%, and registration on the Federal Tax Authority’s website to obtain a VAT certificate is required. VAT is paid quarterly. Corporate tax, dividend tax, and capital repatriation tax are 0%. When selling goods or services outside the UAE (or outside the mainland), VAT is also 0%. There are no payroll taxes for employees.

What taxes do companies registered on Mainland pay?

For a turnover exceeding AED 375,000 per year, VAT is 5%. A company reaching this turnover must register on the Federal Tax Authority’s website and obtain a VAT certificate. VAT is paid quarterly. Additionally, starting in 2023, companies registered on the mainland will pay a corporate tax of 9%.

If I have interconnected businesses in Russia and the UAE, can I get legal advice from you on their interaction?

Yes, of course. Our lawyer in the UAE and our lawyer in Russia will be able to advise you on international business matters.

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