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Opening a bank account
in the UAE

Financial guarantees for opening a corporate account

Account opening takes from 3 weeks

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We will open both personal and corporate bank accounts for you.

We will guide you on how to properly prepare documents for the banks.

Individual approach to each request

Types of bank accounts
in the UAE

Opening a bank account in the Emirates may seem like a straightforward task at first glance. However, only experienced professionals are aware of the nuances and hidden pitfalls involved. We can assist you through every step of the bank account opening process.

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Corporate bank account

It is an essential component of doing business in the UAE.
Allows you to make payments to suppliers and buyers from all over the world.
Every company registered in the UAE can apply for a corporate account.

Personal bank account

Makes it possible to pay for online purchases and services in other countries.
Personal accounts can only be opened by UAE residents.

Minimum set of documents for opening a corporate account in one of the UAE banks:

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Constituent documents of the company;

Bank statement of the founder for the last 6 months;

Office lease agreement;

Residence visas and Emirates ID of the founder and CEO of the company;

Detailed description of the company's activities;

Documents confirming the founder’s residence in the UAE (Ejari);

Company's stamp;

Personal documents of shareholders and general manager.

The timeframe for opening a corporate bank account depends on the specific bank's requirements and document verification procedures. On average, this process takes around 3 weeks.

Benefits of bank accounts
in the UAE

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Complete and absolute
of owner data

International transaction

Obtaining bank statements for submission
to international banks and organizations

Multicurrency account

Availability of a checkbook
for the account

Stability of the UAE
banking system

Why should you choose us
to open your UAE bank account?

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We have a complete understanding of how the banking sector works in the UAE.

We respond promptly to bank requests and provide documents in a timely manner in accordance with the requirements of bank managers.

We assist you gather and prepare all the necessary documents required for opening a bank account in the UAE.

We can provide you with recommendations on further banking matters even at the stage of license selection.

In case you face language barriers,we can accompany you and facilitate communication with the bank representatives.

We work with reliable banking agents and managers.

Frequently asked questions
regarding opening bank accounts
in the UAE

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Do I need to be in the UAE to open a corporate bank account?

For submitting a bank application, the personal presence of both the general director and the shareholder(s) of the company may be required. Additionally, depending on the bank’s requirements, personal signatures of the authorized representative for opening the company’s account and the shareholders may be needed at various stages of the account opening process.

Is it possible to open a personal account remotely?

Personal presence of the applicant is required at the bank when submitting documents for opening an individual account in the UAE.

Can a third party receive a bank card on my behalf?

The bank card issuance process requires the cardholder to be physically present to have their Emirates ID scanned and their fingerprint verified. As a result, it is not possible for a third party to collect the card on behalf of the account holder.

How long does it take to open a personal bank account?

On average, this process takes from two weeks to one month.

Do UAE banks open multi-currency accounts?

Most banks in the UAE offer the option of opening accounts in multiple currencies.

Is there an initial deposit to open a bank account in the UAE?

The requirements of banks can vary depending on the specific bank and the chosen service package.

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