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Registration of
companies in the UAE

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Простое и быстрое решение для развития Вашего бизнеса или создания нового направления, оптимизации налоговых издержек и работы с мировыми рынками

Мы работаем с бизнес-партнерами международного уровня

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Our company provides the following range of services

Company registration in the UAE

  • Complimentary Consultation for Your Inquiries
  • Selection of the most suitable organizational structure for your company registration
  • Expert License Guidance for Mainland UAE or Free Zone Business Establishment
  • Document Assembly for Commencing Your Business Registration
  • Issuance of constituent documents and obtaining a company license
  • Dedicated manager who will be in touch with you throughout the registration process

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Processing a resident visa after company registration in the UAE

  • Documents preparation
  • Submitting visa applications
  • Interaction with local authorities
  • Accompanying during medical tests examination
  • Accompanying to Biometric Data Submission
  • Issuance of Resident Visa
  • Issuance of Emirates ID

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Opening corporate and personal bank accounts

  • Preparation and submission of documents to UAE banks
  • Interaction with banks and bank managers
  • Addressing further bank inquiries

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Corporate support

  • Accounting support for company operations
  • Legal advisory services for business operations
  • Comprehensive support, consisting of all the above services at your request

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Benefits for business owners in the UAE

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Government Support

The UAE authorities support business development and attraction of investments, providing ample business opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs.

Banking system

Having an account in one of the UAE banks allows for smooth transactions with foreign jurisdictions

Taxpayer number

A company operating in the UAE and achieving an annual turnover of AED 375,000 becomes a UAE taxpayer and receives a TRN number.

Advantageous location

The UAE is an international business center, an ideal geographical location for doing business in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Tax benefits

In the UAE, VAT is only 5%. A big advantage is the absence of dividend taxes, personal income taxes and social contributions.

Obtaining a UAE resident visa

This visa will grant you the right to reside in the country for the duration of its validity, as well as the opportunity to open a personal and business bank account.

Company Registration Process in the UAE

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Choosing the organizational structure of your business

We understand that every business needs its own organizational framework. Therefore, we work closely with you to establish the most fitting structure in the first phase


Selection of jurisdiction for your company registration

Your company can be registered on Mainland or one of the UAE Free Zones. Based on the structure of your business, we will select the most suitable zone for registration


Preparation of documents

The following documents from the founders and general manager will be required to obtain a company license
- Color scanned copy of the passport;
- Passport size photograph;
- Stamp of the most recent entry into the UAE (if applicable)
- Colored scanned copy of Emirates ID and UAE residency visa (if applicable)


Submission of documents to the registration authority

Preparation and completion of applications for submission to the registering authority, along with all the necessary documents for registration.


Receiving your company documents

Upon approval of the application by the registering authority, formalising your company's constitutional documents will be automatically launched.
Following the completion of the registration process, you will receive your company's license and establishment card

Launching a business in the UAE with us -
means comprehensive support at every stage of establishment and further development.

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Application Submission

We receive your application, answer all your questions, and provide further clarification on your request

Contract Signing

After agreeing on the terms of cooperation, we sign a contract for our services with a fixed fee.

Set Preparation

We provide lists of documents and information necessary for registration and assist in preparing theset of documents.

Company Registration According to Your Requirements

Upon receiving all the necessary documents, we will promptly register your company and send you the ready license and constituent documents.

Further Support

We can also offer further accounting, legal, and administrative support for your business, subject to agreed-upon terms of cooperation.


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How long does it take to open a company in Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE?

On average, the process of opening a company takes 5-6 working days from the moment the application is submitted to the registering authority.

Is physical presence required during company registration?

At the registration stage and when obtaining the company license, the presence of the founder and general manager is not required. However, when obtaining a visa, it is necessary to be in the UAE for a medical examination and fingerprinting.

What is an Establishment Card?

An Establishment Card is an immigration card for the enterprise, allowing the company to allocate visa quotas.

What taxes do companies registered in free zones pay?

When selling goods or services in the UAE’s domestic market (mainland) with a turnover of up to AED 375,000 per year, VAT is 0%. For a turnover exceeding AED 375,000 per year, VAT is 5%, and registration on the Federal Tax Authority’s website to obtain a VAT certificate is required. VAT is paid quarterly. Corporate tax, dividend tax, and capital repatriation tax are 0%. When selling goods or services outside the UAE (or outside the mainland), VAT is also 0%. There are no payroll taxes for employees.

What taxes do companies registered on the mainland pay?

For a turnover exceeding AED 375,000 per year, VAT is 5%. A company reaching this turnover must register on the Federal Tax Authority’s website and obtain a VAT certificate. VAT is paid quarterly. Additionally, starting in 2023, companies registered on the mainland will pay a corporate tax of 9%.

Is reporting required from companies that are registered in free zones?

Accounting and reporting are not required except for tax purposes if such reporting is mandatory based on the company’s annual turnover. Some free zones require an annual audit report for license renewal. In any case, it is recommended to maintain internal bookkeeping.

Which free zones in Dubai should be considered first?

The choice of a free zone largely depends on the objectives of your business. We can select the most suitable zone and license for you after a consultation.

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